#MTBoS12day Yule Blog Challenge Day 3

Challenge 3 of #MTBoS12days   “How I relax and rejuvenate over the break”

I enjoy a mix of the following not in any particular order:

  • Reading – a good mystery or suspense,  a book on theology, the Bible, blogs, etc.
  • Watching African live streaming webcams especially Africam and WildEarth.  I got hooked on these back in 2008 – and early 2009 signed up for Twitter to get tweets  when animals were at the waterholes.  And got recruited to tweet via the Africam website for a couple of hours a day.  Although once school started up that fall, I stopped.  WildEarth streams safari drives twice a day.  I took the following screen capture a couple of nights ago (early am there)  Love the sounds – heard lions roar also this week and saw giraffes.

NK  Cheetah  12.20.15

  • Time with my husband, friends, visits to Panera
  • Celebrating Christmas with church family
  • Cooking/Baking and Cleaning – yep – I think it’s relaxing as much as I can stay on top of it during the break and not feel like I’m behind.


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