#MTBoS12days Day 2 Success Story

Challenge 2 of #MTBoS12days  “a success story from this semester”

My first reaction is to say that my greatest success is that I survived the semester – teaching 7 classes – 6 preps (2 sections of geometry) – and supervising a study hall.  It has been tiring and it has affected my health more than usual including a bout with pneumonia – took 2 sick days – first in about 6-7 years .

A goal has been to incorporate more technology into lessons using chromebooks – the school has 2 carts of 25 shared by elementary – secondary.  So sometimes it’s a challenge to schedule where it fits into the chapter unit nicely.  Another cart of 25 hopefully will be available next semester.  Geometry classes explored Geogebra .  I had to teach myself Geogebra by just playing with it (which helps me see the struggles kids will have even with my guidance) and occasionally resorting to other helpful resources online.    If students finished early, I encouraged them to play on these sites : Euclid: The Game  Alien Angles .  I’ll probably use Geogebra with upcoming transformations and also the game Shape Mods.  (Love low tech patty paper  for transformations.  We had a chapter on each kind of transformation when I taught maths in southern Africa – the British influence was strong – we also did stretches and shears at the O’level)  Geometry classes also used Socrative to review for the semester final exam since I was able to upload pics for some of the questions.

Desmos was my go-to favorite for both levels of Algebra 2, College Algebra, and Pre-Calculus.  Algebra 2 classes explored system of equations using the Desmos calculator for the first time.  Then we explored quadratics using Desmos Polygraph: parabolas and a couple of activity builders including my own.  Pre-Calc and College Algebra explored higher polynomial functions and rational functions with Desmos and Desmos Activity Builder.  AP Calculus did use Desmos for a project for curve sketching.  At least they can keep their skills practiced from last spring.

I did try to scatter into various lessons  Which One Doesn’t Belong and Michael Serra’s What’s Wrong with This Picture and  Mathercise  (I have  older copies when Key Curriculum Press printed these).  Little time involved but great successes with class engagement.

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