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14_15 Week 4

3 Day weekend with Labor Day

2 Days of regular classes on Tuesday and Wednesday.

1 Spiritual Emphasis Retreat for 2 full days at a camp -very hot and humid but a good time to get to know kids in various settings including workshops, chapel, meals, service projects, zipline, fishing, etc.  Left Thursday 8.30 am and returned Friday 9.30 pm.


Now to get ready for a full 5 day week including open house Thursday evening; volleyball, soccer games, etc.


14_15 Week 3 (Days 8-12)

3-2-1 Summary of Week 3:

  • 3 Chapters finished with tests – Geometry did extremely well with an introductory unit with lots of vocab and basic constructions.  The students made crossword puzzles with so many vocab words either using an on-line puzzle maker (such as Discovery) or one on their own.  Honors Alg. 2 results were a bit lower than anticipated since a significant amount of the questions were from Alg. 1.  Will see if they rise to the challenge of an honors course.  Pre-Calc results were also a bit lower than anticipated but I know this group will rise to the challenge as they adapt to more of a focus on concepts. 
  • 2 more uses of sorting cards – Inequalities and Abs. Value Inequality  (pg. 7-8) with the Alg. 2 class.  May need to reorganize the groups for next time.
  • 1 Day for school pictures .. only disturbed 1 class in the end.