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Last week of summer break

One week from today I’ll be back at school officially!  Although I have been there most days the last couple of weeks, I’ve enjoyed the setting of my own schedule, to come and go as I please.  I bounce from one thing to another with 6 different preps.  Also the admin. has asked another colleague and me to help with an integrating technology professional development presentation for P-12.  So I have been exploring Google forms in making a faculty survey, checking out Kidblog, making a customized Google map of places I taught in Maine and southern Africa, and compiling a list of sites for the wide range of teachers.


I need to focus more this week on getting ready for my actual first couple of weeks of lessons – 1st day stuff of seating charts, syllabi, quarter assignments, 1st chapter materials, textbook username/passwords, Edmodo usernames easily available, etc.  Also meet with my colleague to work on presentation for next Wed.


I have really enjoyed reading the many great math teacher blogs this summer and getting some ideas to help with my teaching.




Logic Puzzles

I’m thinking of some logic activities for Geometry such as Logic Links and logic puzzles.  I could share these on edmodo to extend the lesson with Brainbasher puzzles or Math Is Fun puzzles. I’m hoping it’s a fun way to work on critical thinking and problem solving.  I will probably introduce the logic links and logic puzzle grids with an example of 2 on the smartboard and then let the students work in groups of 2-3 to work on addition puzzles.  I want to assess the value of this and then decide the frequency of a short activity or an occasional class period 1-2 times per quarter.  I could extend to use with games I have – Mastermind, Hi- Q, Chess, Mancala (which I learned while teaching in Africa with pumpkin seeds and paper with circles),

The pace is quickening

The reality of back to school in less than 3 weeks is occurring.  We start classes 3 weeks from tomorrow.  I’ve spent the last couple of days working in my room, photocopying some new activities, planning, chatting with colleagues, etc,  Yet I enjoy the freedom to pick my schedule to come and go.  Ut;s a lot like driving.  The leisurely, sightseeing pace of the summer last month in viewing blogs, reading books, and visiting with friends at Paneras is being replaced by a faster pace of wanting to do projects and getting things.  Seems like I’m getting on the on ramp of the interstate heading to the city.  So I’m accelerating and getting on in a less populated area but the city skyline ahead of students is visible.  The student schedules will be made viewable by the students/families, so the reality will hit them too.

Ideas for this upcoming school year

I think of quite a few changes I would like to make with all these new resources and ideas yet with 6 different preps I also have to be realistic,

  • Activity cards – sorting or Stations – Once per chapter/unit.  -some materials overlap with the 2 levels of Alg. 2; and Pre-Calc/Coll. Alg.
  • Mini-Whiteboards
  • Problem solving activity – at least once per quarter
  • Edmodo assignments – focus on math history, real-world connections, world-view.
  • Relationship building: 2Q/day: Q1 get to know such as favorite…. Q2 prayer request
  • Geometry – more with logic activities


I’m such an introvert that group, collaborative work will be limited – appreciate Susan Cain on that introverts both her book and TED talk.

Beth Ferguson on card sorts here.  “After sorting the cards, I like to ask students to create another set of cards – for each category. In creating their own set, they demonstrate understanding of the concepts. You can use student create cards for additional practice during the unit!”