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We got a couple of carts of chrome books for our school P-12 this semester.  In trying to figure out how to best use them and signing them up wit teaching 6 different courses was a challenge.  I carved out 2 days for 2 classes: college algebra and pre-calculus to do an intro to spreadsheets.  The first day there were problems with the students’ passwords in getting into their google accounts.  But we managed on day 2.  So we learned how to input values, simple formatting, making a chart, using basic formulas, etc.

The students had to make a simple table and pie chart of favorite colors.  They had to edit the given colors to match the colors from their tables.  Then they had to make another sheet with values for trig. functions – mainly to explore what google sheets can do.  I know quite a bit about excel but need to explore sheets more.  So another summer project to create some ideas to expand on this tool

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Volumes of Solids of Cross-Sections

I had made a couple of models several years ago, but wanted to add to my collection.  And I want to have the students to actually make some this coming new year.  I used the 2015, 2014, 2013 AP Calculus AB exam questions.  Made an enlarged graph with Desmos, made a table of values with Excel, and some corrugated cardboard from old boxes stored for that “one day I’ll use these.”  I have used small nails to pierce the cardboard base that then goes into the standing card slices.  I haven’t done that step yet since my nails are in my classroom.  I may use the stickytac to hold the slices.  Hope to post pics when I put this together.

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