Last week of summer break

One week from today I’ll be back at school officially!  Although I have been there most days the last couple of weeks, I’ve enjoyed the setting of my own schedule, to come and go as I please.  I bounce from one thing to another with 6 different preps.  Also the admin. has asked another colleague and me to help with an integrating technology professional development presentation for P-12.  So I have been exploring Google forms in making a faculty survey, checking out Kidblog, making a customized Google map of places I taught in Maine and southern Africa, and compiling a list of sites for the wide range of teachers.


I need to focus more this week on getting ready for my actual first couple of weeks of lessons – 1st day stuff of seating charts, syllabi, quarter assignments, 1st chapter materials, textbook username/passwords, Edmodo usernames easily available, etc.  Also meet with my colleague to work on presentation for next Wed.


I have really enjoyed reading the many great math teacher blogs this summer and getting some ideas to help with my teaching.



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