14_15 Week 1 (Days 1-2)

We had 3 days of in-Service and first 2 days of classes.  Great to see colleagues again and meet some new ones.  Our school is getting wi-fi and 2 carts of chrome books this fall with the fall fundraiser.  I can see the teachers chomping at the bit to check them out.  It seems like so few to share.  So hoping for a VERY successful fundraiser to get even more!  During the in-service, a colleague and I shared some on-line resources for a short professional development session.  Much to share and so little time. And trying to cover K-12!

I loved Jon Bloom of Desiring God on True Grit.  Seems like some of the common buzz education words are nothing more than Biblical character traits.  Yet as our culture shifts away from a Biblical worldview, there is still a hunger for Biblical qualities.

Day 1 of students:   Love that we can start off the new school year with chapel: grades 7-12 – about 220 kids, staff, and some parents – being transformed!

Day 1 of classes is always a strange mix of handing out books, syllabi, etc. and trying to do some math teaching.  This year for geometry, I decided to not teach a math lesson.  Since this is the group that hasn’t had me before, I focused on leaning names by asking about their favorite number.  Since I had a look at their old student pictures from last year, I was able to to call some by name already.  (And several had been in detention hall with me – so often the junior high behavior has improved and it is easy to have a fresh start.)  I took a little bit more time to go over of my handouts.  My two geometry classes were mixed and rearranged to form two levels of Algebra 2.  I was a bit apprehensive about some of the relationships on day 1 but day 2 went very well – good attention, good discussion, and a little bit of work time.  Also on day 2, I asked the kids to jot down a prayer request or two on an index card.  It’s a great way to get to know them better, pray for them, and follow up when I can see them in the hallway or classroom.  The students in geometry class are new to me, but the ones in my other 5 classes are returning students except 1.  Calc class is set up with the Function Signature project with my encouragement to use Desmos and screen captures which I showed briefly on my smartbaord.  Also I gave out the new group codes for Edmodo (and hoping 1 or 2 teachers will join in this year with using Edmodo).  Overall I feel like it was a 9 out of 10 for the 2 days!    Now to plan some of those changes for the week 2  – a card sort, some new bell ringer activities, maybe taking advantage of the few library computers with a small class just before lunch ……

Just saw the 3-2-1 challenge via Twitter so probably will join, indirectly I probably covered the information but not in the 3-2-1 format – maybe next week!  (3 days of in-service; 2 days of teaching; 1 summary!)

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