#MTBoSBlaugust 3 2’x3′ Whiteboarding


After reading various blogs, I became interested in the slightly larger whiteboards of about 2’x3′ for group work.

Kelly O’Shea  @kellyoshea has lots of ideas with great details to help a novice.   Her whiteboard Mistake Game and Monk Whiteboarding are high on my list to use this year.

Bowman Dickson (@bowmanimal) presented “Group Whiteboarding in the Math Classroom”  Global Math Dept. video from Oct. 2014.  He also has several posts about his use in the classroom on his blog  – “My 3 Favorite Math Whiteboarding Modes” on (Guess and Check with Partner, Color Coding Problems, and Mistake Game)

Another blog post by @NatBanting on whiteboarding can be found here 

After reading and hearing about these boards, I got to see/use them in action while attending the MathEd Out Conference last Feb. with @PumphreysMath .

Last spring I still had some money from my teacher stipend when classes ended.  A colleague went with me to Home Depot.   I bought 2 of the 4’x8′ boards which they cut for free – so actually 12 smaller boards that are 24″x32.”  I decided to get Duck (duct) tape (4 colors to give one way to identify the groups) and some really cheap microfiber washable cloths in the car care department as erasers from Walmart.

Since I’m not planning on using them every day, I’m thinking I would have the option to set up initial questions on the boards before school to get the students off to a quicker start.

I’m sure there are more posts on whiteboarding or ideas that you have used but never wrote about.  Feel free to share.



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