A Day in the Life of a Math Teacher

EdayExploring the MathTwitterBlogosphere    #MTBoS Week 1

My day Wed. the 13th

5.50 am – alarm goes off  –  cold outside 6F (and rather cool inside) – breakfast, on-line to check email, devotional time – Tuesday – I attended my aunt’s funeral yesterday afternoon.  Pastor spoke on Psalm 23, a very familiar passage, and connected the phrases together of walking through the valley of the shadow of death .. . and I will dwell in the house of the Lord.  Different combining that caught my attention.  Grade a set of geometry quizzes.  Hubby warms up the van.

7.10 head off to school after catching the morning new headlines – 5-7 minutes commute (depending on the 3 stoplights).  Get stuff set up for morning classes.  Chat with a colleague and then attend a faculty prayer time at 7.45.

8.00 – in the hallway by my room near the juniors.  Chat with some – do a quick visual check for dresscode – fairly relaxed one (no uniforms) – During the rest of the passing periods, I try to get out out in the hallways to help with hall supervision

8.10-8.54 – AP Calculus/Calculus – Differentiating exponential functions

8.59-9.43 – Geometry – Proportions if Triangles – “Side-splitter” theorem and angle bisector theorem.  Also short quiz review for Thurs.  Quick dash to the restroom after this class.  A couple of students were absent so set up make-up time for quizzes at the end of class

9.48-10.32 Honors Algebra 2 – Properties of Logarithms – including a little history on Napier

10.37 – 11.20 Regular Algebra 2 – Fundamental Theorem of Algebra – we’ve been studying solving equations of cubic, quartic, and quintic polynomials, mostly by factoring – reviewed that yesterday to consolidate information – connected that with the help of desmos (chromebook cart checkout) with functions,  real and imaginary zeros.

11.20-11.50 Lunch study hall – informal – more chatting as they wait to go to 2nd lunch period.  Helped a couple of students with questions

11.55- 12.20 – lunch time while eating a slice of pizza … help a student struggling with Alg. 2 factoring – also shared some on-line resources

12.25 – 1.09 prep period – check mail, email, get list of ones in detention after school, a little photocopying, check through homework collected yesterday afternoon by the sub

1.14-1.57 Geometry – while checking homework and quiz review – also review the previous day’s lesson when absent so a bit longer than the morning group that I was present the day before.  Then on to the new lesson see above.

2.03-2.47 Honors Pre-Calc – Test review – (and a little reteaching from yesterday’s lesson on trig ratios)  Seem confident about the test.  First trig test of the year.

2.52 – 3.35 College Algebra  – Test review – Exponential and Log functions including a short session of  Desmos activity: Polygraph: Exponential & Logarithmic Functions by Amy Prior

3.40-4.10 Detention Hall Supervision – only one today for the 7-12th grade – and only 30 min. (potentially some can have 60 min.)  chatted briefly at the end with the student – although I do not have him in class, I gave had his 2 older brothers several years ago.

4.10-5 – did some preliminary prep for tomorrow including a little more photocopying.  Chatted with a couple of colleagues.

5-8  home -supper, time with hubby, 2 cats, relax read some blogs, etc.

8-10 prepped 2 Quizizz activities – one for geometry review on similar triangles and one for the honors alg. 2 on logs.  Just started using this – uploaded some pics for triangles from a review sheet that I normally have used.  I liked how easy it was to add some log questions from others – I had used Socrative but like the Quizizz having some math symbols and subscripts, superscripts.


Tomorrow – full day and Parent Teacher conferences from 5-8 – will have to do some prep for that tomorrow.








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