14_15 Week 3 (Days 8-12)

3-2-1 Summary of Week 3:

  • 3 Chapters finished with tests – Geometry did extremely well with an introductory unit with lots of vocab and basic constructions.  The students made crossword puzzles with so many vocab words either using an on-line puzzle maker (such as Discovery) or one on their own.  Honors Alg. 2 results were a bit lower than anticipated since a significant amount of the questions were from Alg. 1.  Will see if they rise to the challenge of an honors course.  Pre-Calc results were also a bit lower than anticipated but I know this group will rise to the challenge as they adapt to more of a focus on concepts. 
  • 2 more uses of sorting cards – Inequalities and Abs. Value Inequality  (pg. 7-8) with the Alg. 2 class.  May need to reorganize the groups for next time.
  • 1 Day for school pictures .. only disturbed 1 class in the end. 


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