Ideas for this upcoming school year

I think of quite a few changes I would like to make with all these new resources and ideas yet with 6 different preps I also have to be realistic,

  • Activity cards – sorting or Stations – Once per chapter/unit.  -some materials overlap with the 2 levels of Alg. 2; and Pre-Calc/Coll. Alg.
  • Mini-Whiteboards
  • Problem solving activity – at least once per quarter
  • Edmodo assignments – focus on math history, real-world connections, world-view.
  • Relationship building: 2Q/day: Q1 get to know such as favorite…. Q2 prayer request
  • Geometry – more with logic activities


I’m such an introvert that group, collaborative work will be limited – appreciate Susan Cain on that introverts both her book and TED talk.

Beth Ferguson on card sorts here.  “After sorting the cards, I like to ask students to create another set of cards – for each category. In creating their own set, they demonstrate understanding of the concepts. You can use student create cards for additional practice during the unit!”

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