ICTM 2015

A week ago a colleague and I attended the ICTM Annual Meeting with guest speakers Jo Boaler on Friday and Eli Luberoff on Saturday.

Having become familiar with Jo Boaler through her writings and the MOOC course a couple of years ago, it was fun to see her in person.  I’m on the waiting list at my local library for her latest book.  As expected she spoke on growth mindset for math.   Her resources are on Youcubed.

I really wanted to hear and learn from Eli Luberoff, the CEO of Desmos.   I have been a big fan of the graphing calculator and the activities for over a year.  And Eli did not disappoint.  I found out about the latest updates. Since his 2nd session was in a small room at the opposite end of the convention center, I quickly exited the main session (maybe 700-800?) so I would get a seat which I did 🙂  I was surprised that so many had not heard of Desmos since I assumed that being at a small school that I was more isolated.  Thanks to Twitter and #MTBoS, I am more in the loop than I realized.

This afternoon I built my first Desmos activities for classes this week.  In the past I used my own version of some exploration activities with a shared link in edmodo or listing some items on the smartboard.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they are doing besides just walking around peeking over shoulders.  Tomorrow is the Pre-Calc lesson on Log graphs on the chromebooks.

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