14_15 Week 2 (Days 3-7)

3-2-1 Summary

3 Beginnings for the new year

  • I introduced the use of several various mini-activities from Key Curriculum Press books – Logic Links for Geometry,  Mathercise on patterns/reasoning for Alg. 2, Honors Alg. 2, Coll. Alg., Pre-Calc.    
  • I start each class with prayer and am re-visiting a practice of several years ago by praying for one specific student each day.  I started this past Monday.  A way to build relationships.
  • First units in 2 classes are done except for the tests on Monday.  The grading begins.  (And the boys first soccer match is on Mon.)


2 Uses of Desmos: 

  • I really wanted to use the Desmos Central Park activity with a class.   Since I have a small Algebra 2 class, I knew both the timing and the few library computers down the hallway would work.  Although we only had about 20 minutes, a couple of pairings made it through the activity with figuring out the algebraic expressions and enjoyed doing it!
  • The Calculus students had a mini project to chose 3 functions to describe themselves.  In class I introduced the Desmos graphing site and how to do a screen clipping as an alternative in graphing by hand.  Some did use the site for their project.  A good start.  I want them to get more and more comfortable with the site and the use in reports. 

1 Frustraion

  • I was hoping to do a card sort activity of my new cards that I made this summer, but that will have to wait for this new week.

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